Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Freespire 5.0 Released

Today the PC/OpenSystems development team is pleased to announce the release of Freespire 5.0 (Lobo) to the general computing public. This is the 3rd major release of Freespire from PC/OpenSystems which cements our commitment to the open-source community. Freespire 5.0 packs in enhancements and features that showcase its ease of use and polish as one of the industry's leading community-driven open-source only Linux distributions.

 Our goal was to “trim the fat” on the distribution. Many of our users and customers have told us that Linspire / Freespire as a whole were bloated; so what we did in response was pick “best of breed” applications that added to the overall simplicity of the system. And what if the app you want is not preinstalled? Go to the Software Center and explore its treasure trove of compatible applications.

Freespire 5.0 contains the following enhancements:

Kernel 5.0.0-31
KDE 5.12.9
Ice 6.0.4
Chromium Browser 77
Calligra Office
DragonPlayer Video Player
Boot Repair
Firewall configurator
Synaptic Package Manager

Freespire 5.0 does not contain any proprietary, binary-only software. Its source code is available via the Synaptic Package manager. Freespire is free to download and redistribute. You can download it here


If you have limited or metered bandwidth and would like to have install media or to support the distribution you can purchase here as well.

Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
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Thursday, May 2, 2019

Freespire 4.8 Released

Today is another great day for the freespire development team, as we announce the release of Freespire 4.8. It is our FOSS solution, with no binary-only drivers, multimedia codecs and strictly libre applications, nothing proprietary included. Freespire is released bi-annually and showcases the best of the FOSS and KDE communities.  Freespire is the best, most usable FOSS only based distribution in the world today. While Freespire 4.8 is an incremental release, it has a ton of new features and enhancements that we normally reserve for a major release  Freespire has some great features and functionality that places it at the top of its class.

KDE Plasma 5.12.7
KDE Frameworks version 5.44.0
QT version 5.9.5
Kernel 4.18.0-18
Chromium Web Browser
VLC Player
Calligra Office Suite
Dream Chess
Discover Software Center
Synaptic Package Manager

 Fully community supported by other users and contributors, with an intuitive layout for ease-of-use, Freespire 4.8 is the latest and greatest high-performance desktop distro available, stable as a table and backed by the full scope of Ubuntu / Debian software. Please give it a try!

Download links:


For those of you that have caps on your data downloads and who want the security of install media rather than downloading an ISO and creating a Live DVD/USB you can purchase a copy of Freespire below.

Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
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Today we are launching our Summer Fundraiser for Freespire development. Freespire relies on our users and sponsors to continue to provide this distro.  Any contributions are accepted

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Freespire 4.5 Released

Today our development team is proud to announce the release of Freespire 4.5, the free-and-open-source subset of our flagship Linspire operating system. Freespire 4.5 is a security and functionality update of the previous 4.0 release and is equivalent to the Linspire 8.0 base. This includes all security updates until Dec 15, 2018.

 Freespire 4.5 has the following features and and enhancements:

 Kernel 4.15.0-43
LTS 18.04.1
Mate 1.20.1
Chromium Browser 71
Geary e-mail client

 A full list of installed applications can be found here

You can download freespire 4.5 free of charge and redistribute as you wish; if you have bandwidth restrictions or prefer installation media you can purchase that here


Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
Order Notes

Freespire 4.5 does NOT contain any proprietary or binary only multimedia codecs, device drivers or applications - users can make the decision to install those pieces themselves if necessary.

If you would like to donate to the Freespire development team to help fund development, replace aging equipment and advertising you can do so here

Friday, September 7, 2018

Fall Fundraiser

Hey folks, today we are starting our fall fundraiser for Freespire.  When you donate to the Freespire project your donation is used to enhance and further the project.  We do this by:

Replacing aging equipment
paying developers
maintaining web properties

You can donate as much as you wish.  There is no limit and no minimum.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Freespire 4.0 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of Freespire 4.0. Freespire 4.0 is our newest release in the Freespire line. Freespire 4.0 is a free release in both terms of cost and code. Freespire 4.0 is a migration of our current 16.04 LTS codebase to the 18.04 LTS codebase which brings with it many improvements to usability and to hardware support. Freespire 4.0 is also the base for our commercial Linspire release

Some of the more important and visible changes to Freespire 4.0 are:

Updated codebase to Ubuntu 18.04
Stunning visual interface that is familiar to users
Intuitive dark mode for professionals and people who like dark themes
Night Light which adjusts the screen color temperature for night use
Geary 0.12
Chromium Browser 68
Totem Video Player
Software Center
SNAP support
Flatpak support

All security updates up to August 19, 2018

You can download the current release here


 If you have a data cap you can order Freespire 4.0 on physical media for $15.99 USD plus Shipping

Freespire OSS Edition
Install Media
Order Notes

You can also donate to the Freespire project which helps us with advertising, domain renewals and replacing aging equipment

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Freespire 4.0 Beta 1.1 Released

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our newest test build of Freespire 4.0 Beta which is our upcoming release of our free version of  Linspire 8.0.  Freespire 4.0 Beta 1.1 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and the beta 1.1 release corrects many issues our users had with Beta 1. Please keep in mind that this beta is a pre-release and NOT RECOMMENDED FOR PRODUCTION USE.  This release is still in development meaning more changes will be coming    Freespire 4.0 Beta 1.1 includes the following updated software packages:

XFCE 4.12.2
kernel 4.15.0-29
Chromium Browser 67
Video Player
 Software Center with SNAP and Flatpak support

You can download Beta 1.1 from our download location


Sunday, June 17, 2018

Freespire 3.0.9 Released

Today we have released Freespire 3.0.9 which is an incremental update to Freespire.  This includes all security and app updates to July 11, 2018.  Users are encouraged to either download the new ISO or run system wide updates to get the new bits.

Some changes aside from security updates that have been made are:

New light and dark mode
Kontact replaces Thunderbird
Full Calligra Office suite

You can download the new ISO from our download servers